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I met JP through my dad, when I was getting ready to go off to college I needed the number one thing a student needs to survive; a laptop. Since JP used to work with computers and he loves technology, my dad decided to introduce me to him because I had no knowledge of laptops. JP was a wonderful help, I told him everything that I wanted in a laptop, and he did the rest. One day, he came to my home and surprised me with my own brand new laptop. He was such a great help to me during my hunt for college necessities and he has been ever since. Now I can count on JP to be a lasting family friend.

“You win with Gwinn” is not just a slogan that rhymes; it’s a slogan that’s true. JP Gwinn is not your normal car salesman; he fell in love with cars at a young age. After getting his first paycheck from his job at age 14, he went and bought a 1932 Silver Rolls Royce clock radio, which he still has it to this day! As a little boy he owned every Hot Wheels he could get his hands on. Growing up JP and all his friends would set out on the roof guessing the different types of cars as they passed by on the street, it was their own fun little competition. In his later years he would spend hours building replica car models, he even built NASCAR models with one of his sons, Jonathan.

JP is a real family man; he has a wife of 28 years with three kids and four grandkids. Not only does he love his family but he has a heart for others as well. Being a part of the Tascosa Lions Club he and the organization look to help other families in need. Besides his family there is another important factor in JP’s life: God. JP and his family attend Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral every Sunday. He really relies on God for everything. That is how he got his job at Greg Lair, it was in God’s will that he got to meet the manager of Greg Lair the day he went to visit and it was in God’s will that he got hired the same day.

Starting out as a concierge, JP has always been in the customer service industry, he has had many years to perfect the way he works in customer service. Through all those years JP has learned to personalize all orders and services based on one single customer and not a general population. He wants to truly serve his customers to the best of his ability. He will even stay after his shift is over just to make sure his customers are fully satisfied.

Being in the 21st century technology is becoming more and more prominent, and it is taking driving to the next level. Most new cars today have what looks like a tablet that already comes installed in the car. There is one quality about JP that will make him the best car salesman out there… JP loves technology. He admits that he is a huge techie and he is always up to date on the latest and greatest gadget, which is why his favorite type of cars are the newer ones that have all the cool technology.

If you were to buy a car from JP, you would have no worries buying a techie car because he would be able to explain everything so well. It would be just like learning your ABC’s all over again.

JP believes in making commitments, not in setting goals. He wants to work hard to break the mold of car salesmen. By making the commitment to personalize service to every single customer, he hopes to achieve the love and loyalty of his customers. JP wants every customer he helps to walk away loving him, and not just thinking he was just a nice car salesman.

By the end of the day JP just wants to have a great career selling cars under Christian ethics and beliefs. He wants to sell cars as a Godly man and he wants people to say he was a great Christian man that loved God and showed it all through selling cars. He wants to be set apart from all the other salesmen and do something different in the car selling industry.

Remember, you win with Gwinn.




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Thank you, JP Gwinn, very much for your excellent customer service when my husband and I purchased my new Buick Enclave! I am so happy with this new vehicle and you made the whole thing effortless. "You Win with Gwinn," Most definitely! We will definitely look to Greg Lair Buick GMC again for our future needs!

Mary Crist

Thanks to JP Gwinn, I drove my Crystal Red "Candy on Wheels" Yukon home today! I am super pleased with the service and attentiveness that my husband and I received from JP. ... You can't go wrong at Greg Lair GMC with JP, "You win with Gwinn!" Thank you for all your hard work!

Nicole Parker

Great attention to detail, almost all the paper work was done over the phone, which made my trip easy. I really didn't think I would find Nebraska fans here in Texas. Thank JP. He told me his motto was "Win with Gwinn" and I sure did. Thanks guys. I will be back for more good times and buy another vehicle.

David Wells

... I finally found the right Denali, and the right salesman, the right service package all at Greg Lair. I threw many questions at JP. He answered them all with patience and knowledge. ... I also appreciate his sense of humor as I tried to decide what I really wanted. As he says, “you win with Gwinn” and I did.

Shannon Jackson

The moments I treasure

My helpful car-buying tips

  • Getting Ready to Buy
    Your New Ride

    Your customer journey at my dealership is important to me I want to allow you enough time to be comfortable and make the right decision

  • Tip #1

    Call the dealership before heading out and ask the salesman to have the car you want to drive ready. Being prepared before you go the dealership is a time saver for you and the salesman. Ask to set an appointment and call ahead if your plans change.

  • Tip #2

    When you arrive to the dealership park in the front, make it easy to get around on the car lot. Some are lots fairly are tight spaced and hard to get in and out of, and this way the trade you have is available to look at quickly.

  • Tip #3

    Speaking of trades clean that old friend cleaned up. Get all your important paperwork out, good to bring with you. Important documentation like, registration paperwork and insurance needs to be kept in a safe place, careful not to leave inside the car. The best presentation gets the biggest bang for your old side kick.

  • Tip #4

    4Give yourself plenty of time to look at all models that interest you and different packages. It is good to have a list of question about options and all the new tech safety features that are being implemented into the vehicles.

  • Tip #5

    The vehicle that you’re interested in…take it for a test drive. I mention this because I have actually had clients who don’t want to test drive, they’re nervous or just not sure. I really want you to like the vehicle you might purchase from me, you may be a little nervous but you also may not like the way it rides, drives or feels behind the wheel. This is an important decision.

  • Tip #6

    Ask about all warranties that are available to you, doing some digging there are a lot and now is also depends on different packages within the vehicle line up. There could be a different great incentives waiting for you and if you pick up a different option package.

  • Tip #7

    Gather up all the important stuff you might need, the 10 day pay off from your bank for the trade in vehicle you have. This is odd but your current Driver’s License, copy of valid insurance….and the person who’s going to actually drive the new ride.

  • Tip #8

    Let your sales professional know if you belong to any groups like AAA, Farm Bureau, USAA, or any other organization. They sometimes have special buying programs, getting you special discounts or incentives from the manufacturer.

  • Tip #9

    Develop a relationship with a "go to" person. This way you can avoid the traditional "car buying" pitfalls. I know a guy in a "bow tie" that is awesome. Hey just checking to see if you’re really reading my tips.

  • Tip #10

    Surf the World Wide Web and look for the dealership reviews and read customer comment’s, get to know who you are dealing with. We are eager to serve you in the best way possible.